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    Description Field / SLM update Active Directory - *Help Needed*


      Hi Community


      I noticed that the Description Field (we have that as a columns Field under Network View - Devices) is filled from AD for  some older Devices and other (newer) not.

      Maybe we must update something, but I dont know where?

      I tried already a Full Inventory and Security Scan, but AD Description Infos are still missing at some Machines (and they are filled in AD since 3 Weeks).

      Directory Manager is working with AD and I have tested some Queries with success.


      The only thing I noticed, is that the Sofware License Monitoring Active Directory Update Task is running with the Status OBSOLETE:

      Maybe here is the problem? And what does the obsolete Status really mean?


      Can anybody help, how we can fill in up to date  Descriptions from AD, to show on the Devices (as Column)?