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    a320raid could not be found


      I recently updated to WinPE and loaded the drivers landesk recommended (iata89enu.exe) i am currently using ver 8.8.  repdeployed the pxe rep, boot from the NIC, F8, select WIN PE Menu

      i then get the screen loading RAMDISK image below that is TFTP download from the pc with the PXE (the IP is correct).   then i get the "The file \i386\system32\driver.0\a320raid.sys could not be found press anykey to continue".  if i press any key the process starts over.



      any suggestions as to how to fix this issue



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          a320raid.sys is an adaptec scsi driver - nothing to do with the intel sata driver (iata89enu.exe). I can only speculate exactly what you did, but the simplest explanation is you imported the adaptec driver and you imported only the txtsetup.oem file but not the accompanying .sys file. Indeed, when you're using the console to add a mass storage driver, the GUI is happy with just a txtsetup.oem file. It doesn't force you to put anything in the "Files this driver depends on" edit box.


          How to recover? Did you keep a backup of ldvpe1.img before you started adding drivers? The cleanest solution would be to go back to that backup. If you don't have a backup, go back to the Manage Drivers in WinPE image GUI and delete the adaptec driver (you gave it a name when you imported it - you'll find it listed under that name and you can remove it). Then add the adaptec driver again - this time, specify both the txtsetup.oem file and the .sys file that goes with it, plus possibly any additional files that the driver needs.


          Have a look at this article in my blog. You'll probably find it easier to update your WinPE image with the tool described in the article.