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    Query to find specific shortcut?

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      I have a client that would like to find out who has a specific application installed on their machines as they're developing a new web-based solution at this time and want to ultimately remove the application.  The trick here is that there are 2 versions of the software, a "Plus" and a "Public" version.  The only difference between the two is the Target of the shortcut on the desktop.  I can't just search for a specific .exe because they all have both no matter which version and I can come up with a query of what machines have the application installed but can't find a way to separate the two.  For example:


      I would like to search for a shortcut under "c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop" that points to "C:\Program Files\manatron\ProValPlus\pinq100.exe" which is the target for the "Public" version.


      By the way, we have ver 8.8 SP3.  I hope that this makes sense and if anyone has any ideas or needs more information, please let me know!



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          You might want to check in Software.Application Suites.  This is what shows up in add/remove programs, so if the different versions of applications installed with different names that might work.

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            Scott, because the file is an exe, as long as users are executing it then it will be automatically returned to software - package. At which point you would query off of path, as it looks like you are saying the path is different for each one.


            Now if the file isnt being executed then you need to add it to SLM under Inventory - to be scanned as described here

            Once again using path in your query.


            If path and size are the same, then you could try using version or file date if those are different.



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              Thanks for the responses guys.  Unfortunately, I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  I can query and find all of the comptuers that have the application installed not problem but when I look for the particular target path of the shortcut...no luck.  All that differs the "versions" is the target of the shortcut on all users desktop.  It's on software package so no matter what, they have both .exe's that you could run for public and full.


              If I search for path Brandon, it comes up with the same devices as when just querying for the application suite which it should since the two exe's being launched are on all of them.  Any other thoughts?  I don't think I can query for a specific shortcut because there are probably some people that haven't installed the app exaclty like one another so some would have the same shortcut but point to different files.  I may be out of luck on this one unless anyone has any other ideas.


              Thanks for the help and I'll keep digging for a bit more.



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                Equally, you could use Patch Manager for this - a custom vulnerability doesn't necessarily have to FIX something - you can (ab-)use it to detect stuff too .


                - Paul Hoffmann

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