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    Policy Uninstall Association removal without uninstalling...




      Core LDMS 8.8 SP2a, DB SQL 2005 SP3


      I create a package with MS Outllok 2007 and also a create another package for the uninstall of MS Outlook. I link both using the uninstall Association.

      Now  I create a policy for deployment and create a LDAP Query based on a group to find target, aroud 7000 devices...


      The application is deploying correctly, but sometimes on client, the application will uninstall himself, thern 5 minutes after will reinstall again. I do not touch anything on the task, query or groups! What's happend?


      After a lot of problem and discussion , I woul like to remove the uninstall association of the task, but without uninstalling all devices. Is it possible to do that in anyway? Because if I delete the deployment task, if I cancel the tasks, If I stop query --> uninstall application.


      What is the best way to remove this without impacting the production?? Ans also where is stored the information regarding the uninstalling association, in the serveur or in the Client DB?


      Many thansk for you suggestion.



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          I have found the main reason, I think, about the installing, uninstalling and reinstalling again the application. I will try to explain.


          The DHCP and DNS is based on Lucent QIP appliance. The problem come when a laptop connect to the network with both the wired cable AND the wifi. QIP will register 2 differents entry in the DNS, the first one with the correct name and to avoid dubble, the second one with the name and IP, means WKS01XXXXXXXXXX.toto.com, the X refer to the IP.

          Then the LANDesk client (I'm not sure) will use the wrong DNS entry to do a LDAP query to optain the group membership and the wrong DNS entry is not on the group, Outlook will be uninstall until the lapop conect correctly to the network...


          No can we change the way regarding the LANDesk agent and the resolution? How is work exactly?


          I know, It's possible to use LDSS to bloc the wifi when wired... but I need to buy licences for that...


          Any opinion about....


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            Hi Lionel,


            I was interested to read the issues you have had with uninstall association and LDAP-based distributions....I have also experienced the same issue.


            We seem to have the issue when our remote users connect onto the wired network after being remotely connected, via a Cisco ASA VPN solution in our case.  This would also mean that IP resolution could be responsbile for the problems we have.  The symptoms are almost identical - when policy.sync runs on the client on connection to the network, all applications RequestUndo and uninstall from the machines.  A further sync after this brings the policies back down again and they reinstall properly once more.


            I would be interested to hear if you did discover any more regarding the way the client name resolution works....At the moment this is causing such a big problem for us that I am considering moving away from LDAP based group membership or disabling the uninstall associations, both of which are farily large tasks considering we have over 800 deployed app policies.


            Has anyone else experienced issues along these lines?


            We're running LD8.8 SP3 with XP clients, at SP2 and SP3.





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              What we have noticed is when you associate an uninstall package then remove the device or delete the task it will run the uninstaller.