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    Prompting for drivers instead of using windows\inf


      Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?


      When I perform an OSD, everything applies correctly, my drivers copy down fine, and I think te ldprep is working as expected.

      But, for some reason, when I boot into windows, I receive messages asking to install drivers.

      I simply point to c:\windows\inf, and the drivers are found and installed, but why does windows not know to check there instead of ask me?

      Is there something I am missing in the registry? or in LDprep?


      So far the only way around this has been to limit my images to the exact model of machine, thus no HII.



      LANDesk 8.8sp2a

      Windows SP2 - slipped streamed XP with SP2 cd.

      Lenovo desktops and laptops (SATA & IDE)


      Any help would be appreciated.