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    Recommended Package Builder


      I was wondering if I could get peoples opinions on package builders they prefer and why.  We currently run LANDesk 8.7 and all windows clients (XP Pro).



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          zman Master

          So Package Builder is out of the question since it is EOL.  This really all depends on your needs and requirements.  Here is a good post on MSI packagers. THe lite version of Acresso http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6379 is pretty good for very simply jobs - transforms, etc... but as the name implies, is limited. It's big brother AdminStudio pretty much does everything.  Again, it all depends on your requirements - repackaging, virtualization support, workflow, etc...

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            ...and of course: money


            As Wise Package Studio as well as Acresso AdminStudio have different editions and the price of the enterprise edition is.....let's call it shocking.



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              Our organization is considering the move to LDMS 9.0 and I have been tasked with evaluating the product;


              I thought I would try to distribute some software...come to find out Landesk doesn't have anything to do with the package building process anymore.


              It is a major disapointment to see that Landesk has left software package building to a third party application; particuarly one that reads LIMITED EDITION in the title.


              I have a pretty simple application that I wanted to package; so I downloaded the AdminStudio that is available to LDMS 9.0 users.  Got it installed on a VM box and tried to create my first package.


              The process is pretty simple and I was able to get to the very end only to have the AdminStudio package builder fail to build the package because it was unable to extract a silly icon from a .EXE file.  I'm left with all of the junk created by AdminStudio but I can't do anything with any of it because it is incomplete.


              References on the AdminStudio support site:




              suggest that I modify entries in the project files and try to rebuild the package.



              The silly part of this solution is that I can't do anything with the project files because the version of AdminStudio that I have is a LIMITED EDITION.  I'm told that I have to upgrade to that $15,000.00 enterprise edition which duplicates many of the things that I'd pay for in buying LDMS9.0.


              Now what am I supposed to do?  I feel like Landesk has successfully bragged that they have the best management suite in the whole of the world, but they are leaving its core pieces to 3rd party developers to solve.  Its like me claiming that I'm the best IT guy in the world, but then I leave all of the work to my subordinates to complete.  I'm only as good as the folks pushing the tools below me...


              ...this LDMS 9.0 seems great, but in reality have nothing more than a functioning software distribution platform with no ability to generate distributable software packages.  This is a worthless solution...am major black mark against Landesk

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                zman Master

                So I had a contractor come to my house the other day to remodel my bathroom. I saw him use multiple tools from multiple manufactures. I asked him why, he said this vendor has a better saw, this one a better drywall screw gun etc.... LANDesk has taken a somewhat agnostic approach concerning some of it's functionality while concentrating on it's core strengths. You can use the LANDesk Imaging tool or IMAGEX, or any other solution.  As far as Software Packaging goes, they have chosen FLexara. It is one of better packaging solutions, however, it is a lite version.  Is it perfect no, but neither is Symantec's, Advanced Installer, etc... If you would provide specifics concerning your issue with packaging maybe we could help you. You did not indicate whether you are repacking, what type of app, OS, 16/32/64 bit etc... I personally like the freedom to use whatever tool I deem the best for my shop, while not relying on a vendor to make that decision.  Most other vendors include lite/stripped down versions of packaging tools.  I had a post around here where I listed numerous free packaging tools e.g., Advanced Installer that I sometimes use.  Many of us here would love to help you, but your tone and lack of specifics make it somewhat impossible.  We currently have over 1,300 tiltes distributing through LANDesk and are very happy.


                So I'm not sure why you are beating up on LANDesk when you are having a problem with Flexera

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                  My post contains no specific diagnostic information because problem solving is not the nature of this thread.  The OP wanted OPINIONS about package builders.  I have supplied my opinions relating to the LIMITED EDITION of AdminStudio and the sad fact that Landesk has provided nothing of their own in this respect.


                  I have absolutely no problem with 'best in-class performance' as a means of choosing tools; I favor no particular brand as an absolute because almost nobody does everything really well.

                  I do have a problem with someone pushing a SUITE of tools my way where I dig a bit deeper and learn that one of those included has limited or no support.  So far it seems that the LIMITED EDITION of the partner package builder is a take-it-or-leave-it application; said another way, it either works or doesn't.  If Landesk included 'something' of their own and supported it then I would feel much better with LDMS 9.0 and Landesk itself.


                  As it is now I feel my 'beating up on Landesk' is deserved because it seems they are providing a suite which is not fully supported, by them or by their 3rd party suppliers.





                  I have posted specifics of my AdminStudio problem on the Flexera user site...hoping for help there.

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                    Kace has a nice packaging utility that is currently free. Check out www.appdeploy.com


                    It works beautifully for XP and is a much smaller install. Have not yet tried it for Window 7 yet.