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    scheduled tasks and policies


      Is there a way to clean out old scheduled tasks and policies on workstations in landesk?  I am trying to remove a policy from a workstation that failed that keeps trying to run over and over again.

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          If you right click on the device in the Console and choose "Scheduled Tasks & Policies" do you see this task listed?


          If so, the task is still scheduled somewhere in someones "Tasks" and you will need to look through yours and others Scheduled Tasks on the console and if warranted, delete it.


          If it is not listed and it is still running I have seen where a corrupt database on the client causes old jobs to run.


          I find corrupt databases often and wrote a batch file that you can use as a Software Dist. Package and push it to the system, it nukes the database and old .xml files and rebuilds the database. It works really well.


          You can find it on the Dropped Packets web site at http://www.droppedpackets.org/software-distribution/policy-cleanup.bat/view

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            Hi James,

            thank you so much for the bat file that did seem to clear up the issue. I did check before running this and the task wasn't in the scheduled tasks and policies for the computer but the computer was readding itself to the task and re-running that task.  I would delete it from the task and it would come back again.  Since running your clean up tool the computer has not shown up again.


            Thanks again for your assistance.

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              Glad that did it... I come across this issue a lot, the client side database is getting corrupted too often, LANDesk needs to find a way to detect this and self heal or alert you.


              it is hard to know what systems have this issue, and if you set a new policy to patch it, etc, it will never "see" it and go unpatched.