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    IE8 V-App

    jdaniell Rookie

      Has anyone tried V-Apping IE8 ?


      I have it working successfully for a week or so, but have not shared with others yet. I wanted to see if any one new of any caveats, issue, etc..


      My dekstop environment consists of of 50% XPSP2 50% XP3


      my clean machine consisted of XP SP3, with IE7 Fully patched and my plans were to require any one that wanted to test this V-APP go to SP3 first, and patch IE7

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          This would be sensible, as generally you don't want to risk (especially with something like IE) of it falling down in an ugly fashion because of some DLL or whatnot being not sufficient level to function.


          If you were to create the IE8 virtual App on an unpatched XP SP2, then it may be less risky.


          Though, the way it is, it's a good way to get people to upgrade to SP3 - that's always good .


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            jdaniell Rookie

            thank for the reply:


            I though about going the SP2 route, but thought there might be some performance issues, as the v-app would be the one installing a lot more dll's, .net, rather them them being there already... but now that I think of it, I am goig to test both ways, because getting people to update a SP is a pain in the A$$ unfortunately.

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              Hey JoeD - I was about to post something on tips or tricks and thought I would follow up with you beforehand.  Don't guess you have any do's or don't do's from experience on VM'in IE 8?  We are stuck with IE 6 until several vendors get their stuff together.  We are now getting more and more have to have IE 8 sites that it's up to me to fix the problems...cause we pay vendors to do nothing evidently.

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                You are right in that you pay vendors for support, but the "support" is worth nothing in the end.


                Personally i went down the approach of installing IE8 and virtualising IE6. It makes a bit more sense from a security perspective.


                I certainly feel your pain it took our organisation one year from the pilot of IE8 to full deployment as several systems needed to be upgraded. Of course there is never any budget or willingness to upgrade legacy systems to support IE8.


                Just get it done


                The only thing we use IE6 for now is testing by marketing.