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    Advanced MacOS X deployment




      I'm trying to figure out what the best way is to deploy our Macintosh machines using our existing LANDesk environment.

      I am familiar with the whitepaper: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5149 , we have everything that is described in that document working except for combining with a Windows image (haven't tried it, no desire to do so).


      I am interested in finding out how other people combine the deployment of the distribution package with other tasks, such as renaming the workstation, joining it to a domain etc. I'm not asking for the exact commands within MacOS to be used, I know those, I would like to know how I am supposed to script this together in LANDesk.

      Following the Whitepaper, the reimaging is done using a distribution package, how do I hook up a script to run from within the OS after the reimaging? How can I combine this with custom partitioning?


      Also, I am interested how LANDesk envisions the imaging of a new workstation that was just unpacked from the box. Currently it seems we need to hook it up, boot from the harddrive, endure the Apple registration procedures, install the LANDesk agent and then we can start doing things from the Landesk console. It would be much easier if we could start with a NetBoot right away without having to boot the pre-installed OS first.