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    Optional Actions Window Size


      Is anyone having issues with the default sizes of windows for Optional Actions within Incident?


      Whenever I click on an Optional Action the window that is displayed is not big enough to show all of the information.


      At this point I increase the window size, complete the window and click save, but the next time I click on an Optional Action, the window size reverts back to it's original size.


      Is there a System Setting which sets the size of these windows?

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          Hi Paul,


          Having had a look at this on a test system, and changing the Personal settings to 'show window maximised', I saw the same behaviour as you, so I'll be passing this down to Dev.  The Problem ID (at least for the moment) seems to be 1571 - SD to 'remember' when windows are resized - but I'll keep you updated.





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            aparker Employee

            Hi Paul,


            Just to give you some more info on this. When a collection window is displayed there are two things that will happen depending on the type of collection you are viewing. I suspect that you actually only get this problem when you are looking at Assignmnet, Reminders and Task collection windows. If you are looking at a Note window, it sizes correctly. The difference is because the collections I have mentioned have internal processes linked to them. These run in the same way the as the processes that you can edit, but are hidden. For any window on a process, it takes the default size of the Console window when being displayed as a window rather than maximised. To test this, open Console and set to a window and compare the sizes. Now there is a way to get Console to set and remember this size.


            1. Resize the window to an acceptable size that will show all of the collection data.

            2. Close down console using File Exit.

            3. Restart Console and then maximise.


            This should now be the size when you open the collection.


            Having said all of that, those collections should resize in the same way that the non-process collections do, so I am in agreement with Jean that this is logged and passed on to development to investigate further.