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    Failed to download additional files


      I'm getting this error meassage, and it looks exactly like the problem here.  http://community.landesk.com/support/message/24210#24210


      I did have the Dynamic Bandwidth Throttling option checked, so I unchecked it and reset the package hash.


      I get to step 3 and looking at the proxyhost.log file, I see a 0 where the responder says there should be a 200.


      2008-05-28 13:53:05(6212-7768) proxyhost.exe:Made direct (non-proxy) connection to DEQ-SVRLANDESK:5007

      2008-05-28 13:54:06(6212-7768) proxyhost.exe: - - [28/May/2008:08:54:06 -0600] "CONNECT SERVERNAME:5007 HTTP/1.1" 0 92 524


      Any ideas?  I looks to me from the timestamps in the log file that the request times out.  SQL server is up and running, and I restarted it to make sure it wasn't hung.  Also restart Web Publishing service.