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    Provisioning Error during workstation deployment




      I have a strange provisioning error that i can't solve, can someone please help?


      Everything has been working wonderfully for a month or so (brand new installation), then all of a sudden the "Deploy Agent" task keeps failing with Error 80001500H Call to Web Services Failed. The Internal Status number, in the workstation Provisioning History, against the Deploy Agent task is -2147478272.


      Most of the provisioning script runs through ok - drive mappings, partitioning, deploy image, deploy drivers, configure provisioning, sysprep - then immediately after sysprep (in Windows) the Agent should deploy, but it fails. I have made no config changes on our LANDesk server. We're running v8.8 SP3. And the image being deployed is WinXP SP3.


      We have multiple PXE Reps due to the nature of our site (several of which could be down at anyone time - causing a delay kicking off the template, but have thus far experienced no other issues with them).


      Any ligth anyone can shed would be most welcome.




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          I've only seen this error one time and it was during the "Inject Script" part of my template in which I was trying to inject my Sysprep.inf.  The cause ended up being an incorrect path in the Action.  I was trying to point the sysprep.inf file to "c:\sysprep\sysprep.inf" but because of an odd mapping propblem, the OS was residing on the D drive instead of C.


          That being said, check your paths in your task, particularly where you're pulling the image from.  Also, after the task fails, open a new console window in WinPE and see if  you can browse to the drive containing the OS your writing over.  Does everything look ok there?


          You mentioned that you're making some partition changes.  Maybe something isn't working right there and is causing the inability to lay the image down.


          Hope this helps.