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    Location field in LDMS 8.8


      Does anyone have any idea how to track assets by location?


      The method we use is to group assets by their IP Subnets via queries as we have different subnets for different locations. However, I would like to track PCs, Laptops, Servers, etc using a field within the hardware inventory that would show a field 'Location' which would contain the generic name of the location. For ex: London, Bangalore, etc. That way, I can seamlessly integrate the LANDesk database in to my ticketing system, etc without having to write any code for segregating assets by IP addresses.


      Hope my predicament is clear? Inputs will be much appreciated.

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          You can use custome data form with a fixed list of locations and send to all nodes. So that you will have the location information inserted into the LANDesk inventory once the end-user replies it back.




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            if you use Active Directory with site/country specific OU's you can check the ComputerLocation entry in inventory...

                 Computer - Computer Location


            What's happen if a user with a notebook visit a other site/country? The IP range could be wrong then... :-)

            I think it is easier to use the possibility of Regis, if you don't have a clear naming convention of the clients and no Active Directory...





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              egarlepp Employee

              What we have done is insure that our AD is populated with the correct locaiton information for the OU's.  From that we have created a VBS script that runs at logon of the system and reads the OU information like Country, State, Address, etc...  It writes it to a Reg key and then we pull it in to Custom Data.  The key to this is the accuracy of the AD and also that systems are placed in the correct OU's. We have recently switched to DTS from Managed Planet which does the work for us plus we have worked with the etwork team to help identify the IP subnets and the locations, comapnies, etc...  All of this comes from previous planning on your network teams part.


              Hope that helps.