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    Speed Issues


      We are currently using LANDesk Service Desk,7.2.6 and are very unhappy with the speed of this application. Is anyone else having this same issue? If anyone has ideas as to how to resolve this, please let me know.


      Here are the specifics:


      LANDesk Service Desk is running on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 box. Dual processor, quad core, 2.67GHz, 4Gb RAM

      Workstations are Windows XP, SP3, Quad core 2.4GHz, 4Gb RAM

      LANDesk database is running on a separate SQL Server box, Windows Server 2003 SP2 box, Dual processor, quad core, 2.67GHz, 4Gb RAM, SQL Server 2005

      All LAN connections are 1Gbit.

      Dashboard configured to show: 1) My assignments 2) My Group's assignments



      LANDesk login time: 20 seconds

      Time to pull up an existing ticket: 5seconds

      time for screen to display when creating new ticket: 3seconds


      Are these times normal? Or slow?




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          aparker Employee

          Hi Dale,


          Can you also give us some idea of the number of analysts and end users that are accessing the system please and their proximity to the servers.





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            Yes, we are licensed for 50 analysts and 2500 users. All users and analysts are 1 hop away from the server.

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              We had similar issues on higher spec servers, and found a majority of our issues were around application pooling. Have you split out the services into their own application pools and virtual directories? Email Service is a bit memory hungry so we have that in it's own pool, one for knowledge, and then the users. We also perform regular re-indexing on the database, it's surprising how much of an increase this will give you, and it tells you while running the re-index how more performant your DB will be afterwards.

              Hope this helps, I know how annoying performance issues are

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                ewid Apprentice

                Hi Giovani,


                Can you please share script for re-indexing on the database ?



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                  The script itself is generated by the SQL Profiler within the Management Studio, so it's custom to your database and will only re-index the relevant tables. One of the Consultants drew up a document for us detailing how it is done, which I have attached. Basically, you set the profiler running, continue using ITBM, the profiler looks at what you are using and determines if it can be sped up in the database, and then gives you the script which is run in the normal manner.

                  We have also setup a scheduled task to archive all emails after 7 days, and to clear down the tps_user_sessions table on a daily basis, which left unchecked can considerably increase the size of the database.

                  Kind Regards


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                    ewid Apprentice



                    Thanks for fast respond.

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                      Should the script that is created after using SQL Profiler be run on a regular basis?

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                        We perform the database tuning as part of a monthly maintenance schedule, I'm no DBA so I don't know if this is overkill, we certainly don't see any detremental effects from running it often, and normally squeeze a 25% increase in database efficiency out of the system.