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    Microsoft Office Help!


      I am trying to correct a Microsoft Office version issue. I have about 500 devices that have an incorrect version of Office loaded on them . I would like to load the correct version of Office on these devices remotely. The incorrect version is Office2007 standard but it should be Office2007 Pro Plus.

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          I would recommend testing to see what you actually have to do to fix this.


          1. What happens if you push the new version on top of the old version.  Does it show as having both versions or just the one?


          2. If you push and uninstall of the old version and an install of the new version, you should be good to go, I was just hoping for your sake it works without having to uninstall first, because one task is faster than two.


          Here is what I would do:


          Figure out how many different flavors of Office and gather the uninstall strings for each.


          I would create a task that kills any possible open office executables, then uninstalls the old version, installs the new version.  Probably a batch file or a vbscript that runs:


          REM Kill office executables

          taskkill /F /IM WINWORD.EXE

          taskkill /F /IM EXCEL.EXE


          REM Run some script to detect the version of office and uninstall it.


          I would probably be very open with my users in the task.  Create a task, show feedback and customize the feedback to tell them  something like:


          Internal IT and Help Desk have determined that your system has the incorrect version of office. Close all office applications immediately or else they will be closed for you as the correct version of Office2007 Pro Plus is installed.


          Anyway, that is what I would do.


          As well as the described scheduled task, I would probably also create a custom vulnerability and come at it in both directions.

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            Thank you I will give that a try and let one know