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    What causes error scans?




      I was wondering if I can determine what specifically causes a scan to be placed in the Error Scan folder. Is the answer in the scan file itself? Or in a log somewhere. I have looked in the event viewer and most of the time it just says that a full scan will be forced. And I have tried to tweak my duplicate device settings but I am constantly getting error scans.





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          The .SCN and .IMS files are placed in the ErrorScan folder (...\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LDScan\ErrorScan\) for various reasons. The first thing to do when you notice there are a lot of scans ending up in the ErrorScan folder is to check the Application Log in the Event Viewer (Start | Run: EventVwr.msc). Look for errors or warnings with the source of "LANDesk Inventory Server". Once you have found the event that corresponds to the date on the scan file then search the community to find a reason for the error.


          You mentioned that you have seen the "out of sync" event 2391.


          Source: LANDesk Inventory Server

          Type: Warning

          Event ID: 2391


          Inventory data for {111111111111-11111-1111-1111-111111111111111} (Update) is out of sync. A full scan will be forced.|


          This is a message indicating that the last scan date specified in the in the scan did not match the last scan date in the database for that device. In an effort to limit the amount of data sent up with each scan inventory scans only send up information that has changed from the last scan. When a scan is complete all of the data that was sent up to the core is placed on the client in a file called invdelta.dat (C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\). When the LANDesk Inventory Service processes the scan it makes note of what the last scan date is listed in the scan. The next time the device scans in it compares the information gathered with the contents of invdelta.dat and sends up the "Delta" information (called a delta scan).


          The problem with this method occurs when the client sends a scan to the core server and there is a problem with the core receiving the scan or processing the scan. The client has registered that its last scan date is the date of that scan but the core server can not process that scan and sticks with the previous date. The next time the device scans in it will not send in the information it sent last time. This would create an issue with missing data. To avoid this issue the LANDesk Inventory Service compares the last scan date in the scan file with the last scan date in the database. If the dates do not match then the scan is rejected and a note is made in the database (table: KeyValueStringArray) that a full sync scan must be run on the computer the next time it scans in. An event 2391 is added to the application log to notify the LANDesk Admin of the action.


          The next time the agent starts its scan it begins by contacting the LANDesk Inventory Service and sending in its GUID and computer name... The LANDesk Inventory Service then communicates to the inventory scan (ldiscn32.exe) that the scan must be a full sync scan (/f /sync).


          You can see that this issue takes care of itself. You do not need to do anything to resolve the Event 2391 warnings because they resolve themselves with the Full Sync scan.

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            Hey Darin,


            Thanks for the information. So then I shouldn't worry about so many error scans? It sounds like the scans that are in the error scan folder are not new scans anyway. I was just wondering if there were scans from new machines that were not getting entered into inventory.


            Thanks again!



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              fifo Apprentice

              Yes, 2391 event usually is not a problem to solve, but one thing you still should care about is the size of the ErrorScans folder. These days with huge inventory scan files, it's growing fast. And since it's usually located on system drive together with landesk installation, it can really consume all free space on C:\ and there you are in trouble.