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    Internet Explorer Versions


      Can anyone assist in what is the best method for reporting on the different versions of internet explorer.



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          Jason SupportEmployee



          It would probably vary depending on what your end goal is. The simplest way to get a quick pulse on what is on your machines is to create a new query Title it IE versions then under machine components on the left hand side

          expand custom data  >> Internet Explorer >> Version than select Exists from the middle section and click insert.


          At the bottom click to expand select columns Drill down under select columns to custom data  >> Internet Explorer >> Version and select to >> to move to the selected columns side.


          Click save and your done. Now that you have the query created you can simply run the query and look at the results or you can create a new custom report and select the newly created query to base your report off of.

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            I was looking at the exe versioning and completely forgot about the custom data information

            Worked a treat





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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee



              Make sure to mark Jason's as "The Answer", he deserves his points.