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    Chaining Packages - IE7


      This is particularly directed at the IE7 and i would assume 8 upgrades.  I have a fix for the RunOnce reg entry but to deploy this on a wide scale has been, let's say, challenging.  I'm sure I'm probably missing something.  My latest atempt involves three things


      1.) An update to the client to accept policies

      2.) Run the IE7 upgrade

      3.) Run the RunOnce registry update to prevent the go.microsoft.com first run page


      I have tried chaining #3 to an install at next logon DM but this works sporadically at best


      I could do a custom definition but i am in the same boat as well.




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          zman Master

          I believe group policies should work with this if you have them at your shop. Also you could create a custom IE7 package with IEAK

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            Yes the package that I create from IEAK works........ Once.  If I use that package again on test PC it no longer works.  I guess I'm looking for something that works two times in a row.

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              OK I have high hopes for the latest revision of the fix for this.  Here is the long and the short.


              Create a DPusing the MS IE7 updater and run with the quiet and passive switches.


              Create an .exe package with builder containing step 1, 2 and 3 .vbs files.


              step1.vbs this file puts step 2 into the RunOnce

              step2.vbs makes a call to step 3

              step3.vbs waits in the background for a couple of minutes to give the PC time to bootup

                   Then it places the RunOnce reg fix in the registry


              The package with the vbs files is added to the IE7 package as an additional and executed prior to install