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    HII and MSD detection


      I am using Jan Buelens HII tools to provision Windows XP.

      It is working well.  At this point I can image all of my desktop and laptop models from one base image.


      I am having a problem with a Lenovo M58P.  My base image somehow got a newer version of the SATA driver and I need an OLDER version for the M58P.

      The version that installs works but has a problem that the older driver doesn't have.


      I am using injectmsd.exe to inject the correct (older version) of iastor.sys and the inf and reg files that I captured from a PC with the proper driver installed.


      It seems that injectmsd will not backlevel the files.


      New SATA version (in my image):

      Intel ICH10D/DO SATA AHCI Controller



      Old SATA version (the one I am trying to inject)

      Intel ICH10D/Do SATA AHCI Controller



      One more thing, the "old" driver is the current driver on Lenovo System Update and the Lenovo website, but it is not a signed driver.


      I was also open to the idea of running some sort of install after the OS is up but I'm not sure how to do this.  Copying the old file to the system32\drivers directory isn't enough.


      Any ideas?



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          InjectMsd copies whatever .sys file exists in the msd folder to system32\drivers, overwriting whatever may have been there before. Look at the source - there is no attempt to check dates or versions - just copy, with overwrite. If there is a problem during the copying, you should see an error message in injectmsd.log.


          I suggest following test: halt the provisioning task after injectmsd (e.g. by inserting a dummy notepad command). Then check which copy of iastor.sys lives in system32\drivers. If somehow after the job is done the machine ends up with a different copy of the file, then what must have happened is the OS found a backup copy of the newer iastor.sys and decided to restore it. When I look on one of my machines running winXP, I can see 2 backup copies of iastor.sys. Get rid of the backup copies (no need to rebuild the image, do it under WinPE) and I bet the mystery will be solved.

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            I ended up just running the install of the driver with the -overwrite switch and it will install correctly.