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    Moving the Gateway behind a Reverse Proxy


      Last evening, our Gateway appliance was moved behind a reverse-proxy.  The reverse proxy receives requests from the internet and forwards them to the correct host.  Therefore, our public IP address has changed.


      I went into the core and changed the Gateway config to the new external address.  Restarted the service.  So far so good.


      Now, I remoted into a computer off the LAN and ran an inventory and a vulscan.  Good to go.


      So then I tried remote control - and it failed.  It had been working before the migration.  I got an error "12", which I looked up to see that the certificate had expired.


      I belive that the certificate has to be moved or copied to the reverse proxy, but I don't know if this is for sure, or where to get it from (the gateway?  the core?) or how to install it.


      I am also wondering why the inventory and vulscan worked if the remote contol didn't -- isn't the client accessing the core the SAME WAY?


      I am looking for a procedure and a detailed explanation.


      Thank you,