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    Current appliance and PCI compliance?


      I need to know if the current Gateway Appliance (software versions, etc.) are PCI compliant yet. At the last user group meeting it was mentioned that it is not, in it's current (as of then) form. This is a high priority since we have to remain PCI compliant across the board. Anything facing outside our network, has to be compliant. The PCI people perform periodic scans of our domain/network and will shut us down from CC processing if we don't remain compliant (seems even a minor compliance issue is enough, very draconian).


      Our appliance is fully up to date (as of last week) but I'm still concerned about this. I don't need to have all traffic disabled right when I need to use it.


      If this is going to be corrected in a coming update, I need to know when to expect it. If it's already been addressed and resolved with an update, previously, then great. If not, then this needs to be made a priority. I'm sure we're not the only company having to maintain PCI compliance that has a LDGA in place...