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    Intel PDS Service



      On some 64bits servers, we have the "Intel PDS" servide running but the file pds.exe is not where it should be.

      The Intel PDS service is using c:\Windows\CBA\pds.exe but the file is at c:\Windows\SysWOW64.

      The service can be restarted without any error.


      Could you help us?


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          That is how a 64 bit OS will run.  The SysWOW64 thing is where 32 bit executables are stored.  It is pretty much the same as having Program Files (for 64 bit programs) and Program Files (x86) (for 32 bit programs).  It is designed to be invisible to the service, which is why it thinks it's in a different place than it really is.


          This is working how Windows intends for a 32 bit service to work.