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    Create landesk winpe boot CD


      Is there a easy way to create a boot CD from the landesk winpe image?  We have a few subnets that a pxe rep will not work on.

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          JeremyG Apprentice

          Just use the "Create Provisioning Boot Media" from the toolbar.


          You have to install a microsoft patch/add-on in order to the generate the ISO, but the result is an ISO file of the PE image that you can burn to disc.

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            Know what patch?

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              nevermind, i found it.  it was greyed out till i selected "provisioning templates"

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                JeremyG Apprentice

                The "create bootdisk" window will have a link to the add-on you need to install.

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                  Have you noticed this little button? The screenshot is 8.8, but it has been there since 8.7 SP1. It will create a bootable CD (or more precisely, an iso image that you then burn to CD) or USB drive. However, it is meant for provisioning. Since you are posting this under OSD, I suppose you want to use OSD (boot menu?) rather than provisioning. If you want to use OSD boot menu, you'll need to edit startnet.cmd before you burn the iso image because the default startnet.cmd wil load the provisioning agent.


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                    Yes, that was the button that was greyed out.  And i did want it for provisioning, so that will do exactly what i want it to do.  and better yet, it does USB keys.  Now if only there was a way to call a provisioning template from the winpe menu.

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                      It does that by default.  If you choose to go into LANDesk Provisioning (which is what the boot media will do) and there is no provisioning task assigned for that device it will ask for credentials and then display all available provisioning templates.


                      You select your template and wham-o, you're off and running.


                      Note: As a LANDesk employee and Certified LANDesk Engineer I am fully licensed to use terms such as 'wham-o', that amateurs should only use under close supervision or not at all.  Or something.

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                        Can this be configured to provide a menu so that the desired task can be manually selected? Provisioning, OSD, capturing, etc?

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                          EMiranda Expert

                          jmac, this can be done with a little modification to the boot.wim


                          I created a LANDesk boot disk and replaced peshell.exe (which is the menu) with n2menu (comes with bartpe)


                          inject the n2menu files into your boot cd, then modify WINPESHL.INI


                          default is:



                          AppPath = "PEShell.exe"


                          I changed it to



                          AppPath = "startnet.cmd"



                          then i modified startnet.cmd to launch the n2menu instead of provisioning automatically and added the entries to start provisioning, OSD, etc into  my n2menu.


                          So looks like this...



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                            Hey, perfect, exactly what I was thinking of. I'll have a look at that.

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                              Could you please go into a little more detail about this for me.


                              I really need to create a boot disk that will allow me to access my PXE menu. I don't have any provisioning templates set up and it's not possible for me to deploy PXE rep to all of our subnets.


                              I tried editing all the provisioning stuff out of the startnet.cmd but it still prompts me for provisioning when I boot. If someone could explain exactly what to do that would be great. Thanks


                              EDIT: nvm, I am an idiot. I was editing boot.wim not bootMedia.wim that would explain why nothing worked

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                                EMiranda Expert

                                Tom, Ill try to explain.  like i said in the previous post I replaced PEShell with nu2menu.


                                To stop the provisioning from happening I just removed all the provisioning options from the startnet.cmd file. (recommended to know what all the commands in the startnet.cmd do before deleteing a bunch of stuff...)


                                Then as my last action in the startnet.cmd I launched the nu2menu.exe


                                the menu held all the commands to things you clicked on.


                                So if you clicked on LDprovision it would execute the ldprovision.exe which i copied from the x:\ldprovision when you choose a winpe provisioning task from a pxe menu. ( i just copied that folder into my dvd)


                                if you clicked on the pxe option it would basically launch PxeMenuStart.cmd which i got from choosing winpe task from the pxe menu


                                I don't think i can post my startnet.cmd code on the forums. Im not sure on the rules for that, since they have LANDesk propierty stuff in it.  But ill try to help the best i can...

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                                  Thanks for the response. I got it working enough now, but I still think I'm going to play around with the nu2menu thing because that would just be so much more functional. I just need to figure out how to do all that stuff.

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                                    So I've made a lot of progress but I'm still having a slight bit of trouble. I cannot deploy images. Once I select an image from the pxe menu the C: drive is no longer recognized and nothing happens.


                                    All I did was basically change if %option% equ 3 goto pxemenu instead of provisioning. I also removed the line if %option% equ 3 goto endcheckdisk. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks

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