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    Best method for software copying to clients


      I have a small number of application installers that we'd like to copy to our users laptops.  These would be items that we might like to distribute "just in case" and that the might need on the road, such as a wireless wan dialer or other small packages that we'd like to have out there.


      I know I can pre-distribute files in a cache, but then they get deleted each week I believe.


      What would the best method be to set these up?  I was thinking I could create a "package"  with the necessary files and distribute that, it would have a version, etc, and then if I needed to update files I would know who has which "version" of the package.  Plus I could always set it up to redistribute monthly.


      Any ideas?  I was wondering if anyone has a better idea.  Again, I'd like to have these on the laptops "permanently" as in on a folder c:\IT Files or something like that





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          zman Master

          So as you discovered caching files in not permanent. I would create a software package that simply creates the necessary folders, files, shortcuts, etc... and then distribute the package. The question is then what do you use to create such a package? Well you can use package builder (admin studio lite can't),  Advanced Installer, Batch files, Autoitscript, custom script, etc...


          One thing to consider if that they are predeployed and the users are not local admins they will not be able to install them.

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup



            I have used a batch file Software Dist, package that copies the files from the source to the client.


            RoboCopy works really good for this.

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              Thanks for your comments.  I think so far it confirms what I know, which is there isn't some special trick here.


              I might just stick with robocopy b/c its simple, but in either case its straightforward.


              And for better or worse our users have local admin rights, so they shouldn't have any issues installing the software.


              BTW one note for anyone else reading this, some software, specifically items that change the network stack such as vpn clients, etc, really need local copies.  I've never had 100% success with it being cached by landesk, although that really makes no sense.  So if we have it local then that should eliminate any copy/cache procedures.

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                zman Master

                All good ideas, I've been moving towards a one file installation method. It does not work for all environments/requirements. Package Builder and Advanced Installer allow you to create a one file installer with all your files, links, etc...