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    LANDesk Server Moving Home




      Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the wrong section.


      We currently have one LANDesk Core Server which is in our main office. Everything works perfectly well! I am looking to move this server to a new building due to a DR Project that has been kicked off. The new building has a new range of IP addresses/subnets, but everything still talks to the same Domain.


      How easy is it to move the Core Server, and changing the IP addresses? Will it have any conflicts, or will client machines rely on the DNS name?


      If I were to move it, does this mean imaging will not work correctly? I would imagine that I need a PXE Representative on every floor where the subnet is different?


      Has anyone ever done this? Is there a step by step guide?


      Any information or experience on the above is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.