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    Issues rolling out LANDesk on clients off the network- Gateway


      Hi All,



      Aim - Have everything in the self contained exe so that as soon as its installed it is able to communicate directly or via gateway.


      I don't know if its possible, but i want to create client certificates at the gateway,  the only reason I want to do this is to copy the client certificate after the install is complete and it is able to talk to the server rather than trying to retrieve certs after the install.

      I have checked the certificate and it looks like it has uniquecomputer name and its unique.It users MD5RSA algorithm to then garble all the information and send the cert to the client.

      Is there any way to decode the cert file and see where it copies the unique computer name and then its just matter of replacing the code with the corresponding code for various other computer names you have and in theory when a cert is copied manually to the client, it should authenticate straight away.


      May be i am not making much sense, but if anyone could get what I am trying to do here and help that would be gr8.