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    Intel Vpro and LANDesk


      Hello All,


      Am sure most of us have seen the video's online about Intel Vpro beast and also how LANDesk can tame that beast, however I am struggling to get the Vpro configured in the first place and then have LANDesk utilise full vpro functionality

      There are not many help docs and if any they are mile long, Is there anywhere it say How one could configure vpro on a system.


      L/T hardware - HP Elitebook 2530p ( with Vpro)

      LANDesk core- 8.8 SP3


      What I have done so far - Installed the amt driver on laptop and enabled the amt in the BIOS assigned a password.

                                           Am i right in assuming that the LANDesk core would be provisioning server

                                           This is my test LANDesk and test network has all the ports open.

                                           While following the documentation- there are 6 ports which had to be open and on client when i was configuring the settings it as for providioning server which i typed as my test server and also the port and I could only type one port so chose - 16992


                                           I installed agent on the client manually and then when i right click in the console it gives all the vpro options but none of them works.


      I am sure there must be loads of things I need to do to get it to the point as shown in landesk.JPG

      However I dont have any clue what and how as there is not much help there which talks straight to the point.


      Any help would be much appreciated.