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    Vulscan error caused by mismatching files

    tfitzpatrick Apprentice

      3 weeks ago we upgraded to 8.8 SP3 and last week we started seeing Vulscan.exe application errors, saying memory could not be referenced, 17 out of 480.  Of course, every time a user called, they had already closed the error message.  Today I was finally able to get a user with the message and after looking at the error log in the temp directory, it pointed to the ceapi.dll file.  I searched the community and found that the root cause could be mis-matching files on the core and the client. I found 2 users that had the updated client but softmon.exe was from SP2.


      My question is, how do the softmon.exe or vulscan.exe files get updated after the client has already been installed?  Does the security scan update the c:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDclient folder?


      About 10 of the users called last week 2 to 3 times but have not called this week and have files that match the core.

      Thank you

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          IN SP3 the Vulscan.exe will automatically update the client to the version on the core when it runs a security scan. Softmon will only be updated by installing the SP3 client update or reinstalling the agent.


          Now in the LD-Spyware-26577-88 or the ld-88-rollup-07-09 patches we resolved this. With those patches the Client will automatically update both the Vulscan and the Softmon.exe files when it runs a security scan.