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    Command Line


      Hi all,


      I'm a new user of Lan Desk Software Distribution and I need to know if there are any command line to run any function (ie. create a package, sckedule a ditribution etcc) instead of  to use the LDSM console.


      I need this information beacause I would like integrate LDSM with external or 3d party software.



      Thank you for your attention.

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          There is not a command line per se, but there is what is called the Message-based Software Development Kit (MBSDK), which is how our Process Manager product interacts without LANDesk without the console.  There is also a regular SDK.


          All Core Server 8.8 and later will have the MBSDK installed.  I know that if you get a copy of the full SDK, you get some help documentation on the MBSDK, but I don't know much more.


          There is also a LANDesk SDK (different than the MBSDK) which I use for my LANDesk Support Tools.

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            Hi hyous,


            first of all thank you for your quickly answer, It is very important for me!


            Best regards.