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    remote control without user logged in




      I'd like to be able to remote control Macs even without someone logged into the Mac GUI, but I can't seem to get that to work.  This would be a convenient way to handle certain administrative tasks remotely, as we do with RDP or LD remote control for Windows clients.


      With Windows LD clients, we've configured the client to require user permission if someone is logged in but to grant access automatically if no one is logged in.  But on the Mac, remote control always says "asking for remote user's permission" even if no one is logged in.  I haven't found a way to remote control the Mac if no one is logged in, no matter how the client is configured.  Does anyone know of a way around this?



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          The Mac agent doesn't have this ability in LANDesk. You would either need to change your agents to not require permission (and redeploy), deploy a different agent without the permission requirement temporarily (then redeploy the original agent) or use another tool such as Apple Remote Desktop configured to not require permission. Any of those options might require policy change at your school.