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    Configure OSD


      Can anyone tell me or point me to the location where it details how to configure OSD in LD8.8 sp3, when we try to use it we get an invalid licence error, which we know the licence is ok. Plus on the Core it asks for information and just need to confirm the details.



      Barry Houghton

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          I'm guessing this is the licensing for the OSD boot environments?

          If so you will need to validate some Windows NT boot files for DOS as well as WinPE.

          This can be done by selecting >Configure>Services>OS Deployment>OSD Validation

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            The help documentation actually has some step by step instructions for setting up OSD tasks, and there are many best known methods documents on the LANDesk Community.


            You mentioned that the server is giving you an invalid license error, although you guys are sure your licensing is correct.  Can you tell me how you validated WinPE, whether it was purchased through LANDesk or you manually activated the features by inserting a valid WinPE CD?  If it was purchased through LANDesk can you tell me whether you have any listing of WinPE in the list of licenses when you run the Core Server Activation utility and click on the licenses button?  Also, what version of LANDesk are you using?

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              Thanks for the prompt responses,

              In answer to Trent, yes this around the Validation, looking for some step by step instructions for setup


              In answer to Mach6, we are not licensed for WinPE via Landesk, it is not part of our licence structure.


              I have downloaded OS Deployment of Windows XP Using WinPE - Best known method


              LANDesk OSD using Windows PE2.1 by Chuck Tank


              We are using 8.8 sp3 of LANDesk


              Hopefully within the above and through Help we can get to the bottom of this one.



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                OK, if your validation is no being done through LANDesk then you need to follow the steps Trent listed and validate WinPE using a CD.  Once WinPE is validated you should be able to follow the rest of the guides without any problem.


                You need to be able to validate a copy of WinPE 1.5, because that is what LANDesk 8.8 and previous uses.