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    Batch File Fails with "The Data is Invalid" Error


      I have a batch file which runs perfectly from the command line that fails when deployed via LANDesk.  The error states 'The Data is Invalid'.  Also, on the client end, I get a notice saying that Adobe setup.exe crashed.


      The batch file checks for Adobe CS3 Components and uninstalls them if they are present.  Once all the CS3 components are removed it installs the entire CS4 suite.  This is necessary because CS3 was not purchased as a suite.


      I am using silent push deployment and local systems acess when I push.  Here is the batch:


      @echo off

      reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Photoshop\10.0\ApplicationPath
      if %errorlevel%==0 (goto UninstallPhotoshop) else (goto Checkforflash)


      start /wait \\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Photoshop\CS3\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Photoshop\CS3\uninstall.xml


      reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Flash\9.0\Installation
      if %errorlevel%==0 (goto UninstallFlash) else (goto CheckforDreamweaver)


      start /wait \\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Flash\CS3\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Flash\CS3\uninstall.xml


      reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adobe\Dreamweaver\9.0\Installation
      if %errorlevel%==0 (goto UninstallDreamweaver) else (goto CheckforIllustrator)


      start /wait \\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Dreamweaver\CS3\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Dreamweaver\CS3\uninstall.xml


      reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.bmp\OpenWithList\Illustrator.exe
      if %errorlevel%==0 (goto UninstallIllustrator) else (goto CheckforInDesign)


      start /wait \\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Illustrator\CS3\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Illustrator\CS3\uninstall.xml


      reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adobe\InDesign\5.0
      if %errorlevel%==0 (goto UninstallInDesign) else (goto CheckforFireworks)


      start /wait \\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\InDesign\CS3\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\InDesign\CS3\uninstall.xml


      reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adobe\Fireworks\9\Installation
      if %errorlevel%==0 (goto UninstallFireworks) else (goto InstallCS4)


      start /wait \\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Fireworks\CS3\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\Fireworks\CS3\uninstall.xml

      start /wait \\spark\Packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\CS4_Design_Ultimate_4.0\AdobeCS4\Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile=\\spark\Packages\WindowsXP\Adobe\CS4_Design_Ultimate_4.0\AdobeCS4\install.xml





      Any help would be great.

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          When you are doing your testing are you running it as the Local System account?  My guess is that the local system account doesn't have access to the network shares referenced in the batch file.


          Let me know what happens when you run as Local System.   

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            As mach6 mentioned, you need to test this as "localsystem", to do this, run a command prompt, and in it run these commands:

            at 16:30 /interactive cmd.exe



            Change the time to equal current time plus a couple minutes.


            At that time another command window will appear, in it run you script

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              I have tried both localuser and local system.  I repackaged the .bat as a .exe and that runs fine.  I am worried that there is some issue with how landesk is handling the .bat files.  The same commands run without issue from within an exe.

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                Jared Barneck SupportEmployee


                First, turn ECHO back on.


                As mentioned in the Using Batch File Distribution Packages document, we log what is happening if ECHO is ON becuase we log what would have gone to the screen.


                So then you can see the results of your batch file in c:\program files\LANDesk\ldclient\data\sdclient_task##.log.


                So turn echo on, then post the log.

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                  I found the same thing. If your package is a batch file that calls the CS3 setup.exe, the setup.exe crashes. If your package is of type executable, with the executable being that same setup.exe, it works. This is true in both 8.8 SP3 and 9.


                  Having said this, if you must call Adobe's CS3 setup program from within a batch file, I have found a way to make that work as well. Contact me if you want the gory details...

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                    Somebody emailed me describing the same problem, i.e. CS3's setup.exe crashing when called from a batch file. The batch file will run fine when launched manually, but run it as an LDMS package and adobe's setup.exe crashes. Usually, when something works from the command line but not as a package, the suspicion is that it must something to do with the LocalSystem account. Not in this case, however.


                    Although I found a workaround for the problem as described - feel free to ask me for details if you think it may be useful - in the end I gave up trying to use the official CS3 uninstall procedure because, even though adobe's setup.exe weas no longer crashing, it gave me enough other headaches to work out an alternative based on a tool of last resort called CS3Clean. I have attached my solution. The actual CS3Clean tool itself is not supplied, only instructions on where to find it and how to load it.


                    I' also told that the same problem happens with CS4 setup.exe, i.e. it too will crash when called from a batch file run as a LANDesk package, even though the same batch file runs file when launched from the command line. In the case of CS4, however, this is not a real problem. Instead of running setup.exe, you should be running the AdobeUberInstaller as generated by the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Deployment Toolkit.