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    Image Capture


      I am running an image capture script on a Windows XP system. It is running Norton Ghost. It appears to run fine and completes the process, then reboots the system. But when I check my share that holds the images, it's not there. I am using the same script I have used in the past that previously worked. The only thing different about this computer is the HD.

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          You may want to check to see if the system's drive has compatible WinPE drivers. If WinPE cant access the drive, it cant capture; 2 ways to check: in the BIOS set the drive to IDE (or standard mode) instead of optimized (AHCI or whatever) and retry, or in WinPE open an additional prompt and run diskpart, then from diskpart prompt type lis dis to see if your drive is listed.

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            Thanks for the response. The command you gave is not valid. I tried a few different things similar but no luck. And it is already set to IDE in the BIOS.

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              Ah... That likely means you're using DOS imaging rather than WinPE, diskpart is involved in WinPE only...


              Does your task log give any particular error code, or fail at a consistent point? That would be the only other place I'd know to start checking, other than make sure you're looking at the right share  =)  Good luck!

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                OK, I got the command working. I wasn't using it correctly. diskpart does show the disk. And if I type c: then dir I can see the contents of the drive fine. So that is all good. I looked at the log in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\log and it shows no errors. It is saying that it completes successfully. This is the weird part. I checked the Image Capture script and it does point to my image share. I also successfully accessed my image share from the prompt within WinPE to make sure it could access it. Everything seems to be in place, but apparently something is not, because I do not see my image on the share. I sorted by date modified in explorer and the latest item is dated March. Also in the log file, I see this bit: "dst=i:\LD0019D107832B.gho" I imagine this is the destination filename? However I do not see a file with that name on my share either. The system name I am trying to ghost is 4610SB.

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                  Jason SupportEmployee

                  Can you attach your log for review?

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                    Jason SupportEmployee

                    Yeah the log does show it completed successful with the ghost process running for 23 minutes.


                    You mentioned you could change to the I: drive in winpe. Can you create a new file/directory on that share?


                    How much free space do you have left on the on the destination server (I: drive)?


                    If you have enough space and can write to the I drive, Rem out the ghost32 and reboot line of the script (use a ; (semicolon) at the front of the line) let the script run through so that you don't have to map the drives by hand and then run the ghost32 cmd line manually lets see if that give you any more infomation.

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                      Wow.  Once you made the point about changing to the I: drive in WinPE I tried that, did a directory listing and what do you know, my ghost files were there. It has been working all along, hence no errors in the log file. They were going to another share! I looked over the script again and even though in the GUI I had changed the share path, it was putting them in the old location. So I edited the script file directly. Now it works like a charm. My mistake. One more question though. It has names the ghost file using the machine's NIC MAC address. Can I have it use the computer name from Windows? Or can I rename the file without it getting messed up?

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                        Jason SupportEmployee

                        Glad to see you got it working. As for your other questions. The name is based of the name in the LDMS Database, if the computer is not in the DB then it will use the MAC address as this is what is sent in by miniscan during the PXE boot. As far as renaming a ghost file I am not sure about as I have never tried, Doing a quick Google search did not find a lot about that topic, however it was just a quick search.

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                          Thanks Jason.