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    Toolbar not enabled while viewing the report




      - I created a report using Crystal Reports designer - on Change Management and fetching all records of it, which is showing 8 pages complete.


      - Now I have linked this report in ServiceDesk console under "Crystal Reports" component from "Administrator".


      - I have created a new component under the shortcut bar for showing this report.


      The problem is;


      When I click the report shortcut it brings the report, single page but I cannot navigate between pages, and that crystal report toolbar is completely disabled, I can see it but none of the buttons are active. and neither I can export the report to PDF, even that icon on the tool bar is disabled.


      How to enable the toolbar? (which is important to see all the pages and export it)


      Is is really can be done?


      - if not, what is the alternate way to view the report created in crystal reports from the service desk?