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    Found a good and simple way to install Office 2007.


           Hi all,


      I was strugeling arround with all these small files being copied over the network to all PC's when installing Office 2007, and lot's off the time the installation failed.

      But here is a one way to fix that:


      The first part is the same as always, run "setup /admin" to create a msp file and call this "office2007.msp" or something.

      Make a SFX file (office2007.exe) with Winrar of ALL ofifice files, include the MSP file in it. Make sure that you "hide all feedback" (Advanced options) and make the extraction path c:\temp (or somewhere else you would like it).


      Make a batch file that is something like this:




      "c:\temp\setup.exe" /adminfile "c:\temp\office2007.msp"


      and name it whatever you want to.


      Make a batch distribution package and include the office2007.exe archive as an additional file.


      Run and that's it.



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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          There are tools out there that will create your self-extracting executable and launch the command you want run after extraction all in one nice exe package.


          I used to use them a couple years ago but I haven't in a long time and don't remember the names of the free ones, but winzip and other can do it.


          Sot you could have an exe that could autoextract to a location and then auto call the setup command line.  Then you could push it as a EXE package and you wouldn't even need the batch file.