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    LANDesk AV has encountered and error and needs to close


      We are in the process of rolling out LDAV 8.8 to about 2500 users who have had LDMS installed for about 6 months.  In initial testing, we installed it successfully on 4 machines which were all located in the US during installation but 2 were visitng from Europe and authenticating to our Europe domain.  Everything works fine for us while everyone is in the US as well as when the Europeans go back to Europe.  However, when the US employees travel to Europe, they recieve periodic messages saying "LANDesk AV has encountered an error and needs to close".  Of course, we have the option to send an error report to Microsoft.  We can't tell for sure, but we think this is happening when machines attempt to receive definition updates.


      Does anyone have an idea about what could be causing the problem and how to fix it?  I mention the domains because we suspect it could be domain related but it's just a guess.  Thanks in advance for any help someone can provide!