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    Push emergency is taking hours to install a MSI software




      There is really something i don't understand.


      I have created a MSI package of Microsoft Visio 2003 which if i run in quiet mode (file.msi /quiet) on the computer works perfectly. So the package is ok.


      I created then a new MSI package in Landesk, added all the additional files except the .MSI.


      Created a distribution task with this package and choose Push/emergency Distribution.


      The install has been succesfull BUT from what i see, it seems that it took about 5/6 houers to install the software.


      How could this be so long ? If i copy from the core server to the computer, is takes me 1 minute. The install on the same computer in quiet mode take 1 min.


      I really don't understant that, what makes this so slow ? How could i accelerate this ?


      Core server 8.8 SP3


      Thanks in advance for your help.