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    Deployment issue with Office update.


      Apologies for what seems to be a newb question but i'm flumoxed on this one. 


      I'm trying to push an office update to our Mac estate.  The issue that i've found is that I need to trigger the install three times for the installer to succeed.  On the first push the Lan Desk client copies the dmg to the sdcache folder but does not run it.  On the second push Lan desk launches the installer but it quits after 2 or 3 seconds.  On the third push the update installs successfully.  At every stage the Lan Desk console reports back a success.


      Our Client OS is 10.4.11

      Office version is 2004 r11.3.8

      Landesk client version is 8.7


      The update is for office 2004 r11.5.5


      At anytime I can run the installer from the SDcache folder and it succeeds.

      We have pushed half a dozen other dmg's this week without seeing this issue.


      Can anyone advise on where i'm going wrong?



      Thanks in advance for your advice.




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