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    Including Incident information on assignment




      I am trying to get some incident information to pull across with assignment emails and currently have this for OOTB process:



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      Client Name: </b>{_Raise User}<br>

      <b>Client Phone: </b>{Incident/Raise User/Phone}<br>

      <b>Client Userid:</b> {Raise User/Name}<br>

      <b>Priority: </b>{Response Level/Title}<br>

      <b><br>Summary</b>: {Title}<br>



      Title and Description are the only 2 things that are coming across correctly. None of the other attributes are working. I've tried having Incident and/or _ in front with no luck.




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          Why is it that I can spend all day trying to figure something out and fail but post for help and work it out only minutes later?


          Should have been just {RaiseUser/blah}, I had a space in Raise User.

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            Stu McNeill Employee

            Hi Nogi,


            The format for the placeholders is based on the Name property of the attributes and relationships you're referring to.  Title and Description are therefore correct but the others need tweaking which you can do by looking at the Incident object within Object Designer:


            The Raise User relationship on Incident has a title of "Raise User" but its Name property is actually "RaiseUser" (no space).

            Similarly, the Response Level relationship's Name property is "ResponseLevel".


            If you don't reference a specific attribute for a relationship in a placeholder (ie. you use {RaiseUser} and not {RaiseUser/Email}), then the placeholder will automatically use the same attribute that is used on the windows in the dropdowns - normally Title.  Final tip is the reason you sometimes see an underscore in placeholders (ie. {_User} ...) is because any user-generated relationship or attribute has its Name property prefixed with one to show its user-generated.


            For your placeholders, you need:


            <b>Client Name: </b>{RaiseUser}<br>

            <b>Client Phone: </b>{RaiseUser/Phone}<br>

            <b>Client Userid:</b> {RaiseUser/Name}<br>

            <b>Priority: </b>{ResponseLevel}<br>

            <b><br>Summary</b>: {Title}<br>