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    Wireless Networks - Multicast

    Tom O'Brien Apprentice

      Hello, we've recently experienced some issues with multicasting MS patches to one of our wireless networks(this network is also used for voice traffic).Essentially the network was brought to it's knees while the patches were being staged..due to a multicast storm. So, just wondering how other users are dealing with pushing software/patches to wireless networks. Any configuration tips or ideas?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          My experience / tipps - hope they help a little along the way.


          1 - Use Preferred Package Servers (PPS's), not push. A Pull is - by its nature - far less aggressive than a multicast, and I've yet to have experience justifiably "a lot of faith" in wireless networks. I regard them as fairly fragile, so I try to go easy on them.


          The side-benefit is that peer-download will still work with this.


          Though - I suppose one of the biggest questions here (of some importance) is - just how big a wireless network are we talking here? 10's of devices? 100's? 1,000's ?


          2 - Use "dead periods" - use WOL to wake up devices and multicast the package out while everyone's at home / sleeping ... that should ensure that you don't disrupt anyone bar night owls.




          Multicast isn't the answer to everything - in some situations, things like PPS's will work better for you - the details depend to a great deal on the detailed setup of your network / environment.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead