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    PXEMenu empty

    Cedric FRANCOIS Apprentice



      I got a problem, on WinPE boot for OSD, the final PXEMenu is empty.

      I look at the X:\LDClient directory but it seems that dosmenu.cfg is not downloaded by PXeMenuStart.cmd


      I try using my browser to download the following file http://core/landesk/files/dosmenu.cfg but i got the followinf error message : "Cette demande n'est pas prise en charge"


      I verify that the file is in \\serveur-info\ldmain\landesk\files\, the file is listed in IIS ...

      If i renamed dosmenu.cfg in dosmenu.ini and uodate the PXEMenuStart batch it well work


      I don't understand ...

      A repair of LANDesk doesn't fix the problem.