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    Inventory and Vulnerability scan settings.


      Hi there,


      Hoping you can all give me some advice and information regarding the inventory and vulnerability scans and your settings/experiences,

      We originally had both scans to run randomly every 4 hours to catch the machines that are often off the network since the LANDesk deployment.


      We are looking to change this and I was thinking about randomly every 24 hours.


      Currently we do not have scan at logon and I was wondering if anyone used/recommended it?


      If I set the scan time to every 24 hours does this mean every 24 hours of on time or every 24 hours as per the clock (e.g. if it scans at 4pm will it always do it at 4pm).

      Thanks in advance for your help, ideas and suggestions.


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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup



          Yes, I would recommend Inv and Vulscans only once per day (you can set it to repeat after 1 day), I then also use the 1 hour random delay.



          I would NOT recommend at logon, this will only slow down the system when a user is trying to use it.


          These settings work great 98% of the time, the other 2% cause issues when I have a user that turns on a laptop, checks email and shuts down... those systems are tough, but I get them eventually!


          I am not sure if the one a day holds to the 24 hour clock or not, though if a system is off at that time, it will shift the time... If you need, you can set a time range, though I do not usually recommend it.