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    GetSSHHostCertificate.exe error

    Asraf Radzi Apprentice


      I got an error that trigger from getsshhostcertificate application (as attach). It will popup couples of times. How to get rid off this error.


      I also found out that some of managed computers does not have binocular and remote icon on the console after getting this error.



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          Hi Asraf,


          I have some questions here...


          1. When (While opening the console or While staring a task) do you get this error? Where (Core server or Console machine) do you get this error?


          2. Did you check the event viewer of the machine while getting this error?


          BTW, it looks to me more of a .net issue than LANDesk. you may try re-registering the msvcr80.dll. you can use the below mentioned command to do so.


          On command prompt type the below mentioned command and press enter


          regsvr32.exe msvcr80.dll


          And the issue with "No Binacular and Remote icons" it could be  the removal of LANDesk agent in the device and your maintenance hasnt been done yet or machine could be formatted and the entry that you see in the console could be stale.


          - Regis