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    Has anyone packaged SPSS software?


      Hi All,


      I wanted to check if anyone has packaged SPSS before and if so, how the serial numbers were handled.


      Thanks a lot.

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          Yes and it’s a pig, so I moved to concurrent licensing!

          I guess that you are trying to package the standalone licence versions, i.e spss provides a base licence and then other lics like Advanced Models, regression and tables sit on top of Base?

          If so I’ve looked at some work I previously did on version 15 and I think it’s the same process today.

          Create a SPSS Installation Package

          The first bit was straight forward. I used InstallShield Admin Studio to create a response transform including the site license key. Then apply the MST to MSI in the Package.

          Create SPSS Licensing Packages

          The second bit relating to the licenses should be a touch easier in 8.8 as you can run this portion as the logged on user which is required when authenticating with the SPSS License server on the internet. I couldn’t do this bit on the version of LANDesk I had at the time, so I used another method.

          Here are two examples of the licensing scripts saved as batch files:

          @echo off
          TITLE Licensing SPSS V15 Base
          ECHO Connecting to SPSS Internet License Server
          CD "C:\Program Files\SPSS\"
          "C:\Program Files\SPSS\spssactivator.exe" <license code>


          @echo off
          TITLE SPSS V15 Advanced Models
          ECHO Connecting to SPSS Internet License Server
          cd "C:\Program Files\SPSS\"
          "C:\Program Files\SPSS\spssactivator.exe" <license code>



          Putting it all together

          So what you would need to do in 8.8 is to chain the 2 packages together. The first running under the system account context to install the software, and the second to run the licensing script under the logged on user context and hopefully that should work. I think!


          Message was edited by: trent Oh, During testing you are probably going to use up your license pool on the SPSS Lic server, to reset your pool so that only legit licenses are registered you may have to call/fax spss

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            It's pretty well documented in one of the pdf's that comes with the software. I forget the exact name of it.


            I use AutoIT to automate it a bit because there's a 17.0.1 and 17.0.3 patch.


            Here's the meat of the code I'm using, I left out all the "FileInstall" commands since that refers to my local filesystem. This could easily also be put into a batch file with the CD contents up on a share.


            RunWait ('msiexec.exe /I "' & @TempDir & '\SPSS Statistics\SPSS Statistics 17.0.msi" /qn /norestart AUTHCODE="our_secret_code" COMPANYNAME="Emory University"')

            ; Run the 17.0.1 patch
            RunWait ('msiexec.exe /I "' & @tempDir & '\17.0.1Patch\SPSSStatistics17.0.1Patch.msi" /qn /norestart')

            ; Install the 17.0.3 patch
            FileCopy (@tempDir & "\Statistics_17.0.1.3_Hotfix\SPSSClientCore.jar", "C:\Program Files\SPSSInc\Statistics17\", 1)
            FileCopy (@tempDir & "\Statistics_17.0.1.3_Hotfix\SPSSClientUI.jar", "C:\Program Files\SPSSInc\Statistics17\", 1)

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              Thanks a lot. Will give it a shot and get back.