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    Inventory Scanner Randomness question


      I am slightly confused about the settings on my Inventory scanner .. If I go in and set the scan to occur every day between 7am and 10am, I am guessing that means it will occur randomly somewhere in between there right? So why do I have an option at the bottom to add even more randomness to it? It only makes sense to me if the top time range isn't really random, but I can't seem to figure out if it is or not.





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          If you want the scan to happen daily between 7 AM and 10 AM, you specify start = 7 AM and random delay = 3 hours.


          The time tange / daily between / monthly between fields specify a repeat frequency and window but they imply no randomness. You would use them e.g. to repeat hourly between 7 AM and 10 AM, or daily between Monday and Friday. Which in the case of inventory may seem like overkill - who want to scan more than once per day? But remember, we use the same scheduling options for several other activities (policy, vulnerability scan) and hourly repeats may make sense for some of those.

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            Whoa ...


            So if I have right now my agent set to run between 7am and 10am and random 1 hour, its possible that my Inventory scanner is running a few times between that 3 hour stretch?



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              If you have repeat frequency = daily, none of the other settings will change that. The 7-10AM window is meaningless if frequency is daily, but there is no way it would cause the scan to run more than once per day.


              A window like 7-10AM only makes sense if frequency = hourly.

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                Great! Thank you!

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                  Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                  Let me explain Local Scheduler.


                  First, it is NOTHING LIKE WINDOWS SCHEDULER.


                  Second, everything is based on filter.  If you pass all the filters, the command runs.


                  The 7 am to 10 am values are important even if your frequency is daily.  Time of day is a filter.  If you are not within the time of day, it won't run.  If you are the command will run if all other filters are true as well.


                  Frequency is also a filter.  Well that is not exactly correct.  The Start Time is a filter.  Frequency is a value added to the time of run (not added to the previous start time that is important) and assigned as the next start time.  If now is after the start time, the command will run if all other filters are true as well.


                  However, random delay is not a filter.  It is part of the run process.  When a process launches with the random delay tag, (this is where I am not an expert so I may not be 100% correct, so test, since I was an expert at local scheduler before this setting existed and so I haven't thoroughly tested the random delay setting) then a new one time local scheduler task is created with no filters, and it does not repeat, but a start time of now + random delay in minutes.


                  So if you put all this together, here are some examples of what will happen.


                  Frequency 86400

                  TimeOfDay 7am to 10am

                  Random Start 60 minutes


                  1. Monday morning.  All computers have been off the whole weekend since friday. The majority of computers turn on between 7:30 am and 8:30 am (could be different at your company).

                    Without the random delay, every machine would try to run the task as soon as it boots up because the filters are all true.
                    Filter 1 - Time of day between 7 and 10 = True (because it is between 7:30 and 8:30.
                    Filter 2 - Freqency (86400 seconds or 1 day) = True because it is monday and it last ran on friday.

                    So random start comes into to play.  Yes every machine will process the local scheduler task as soon as they turn on, but instead of running the task, a new single run local scheduler task will be created to run the task with the start time set to now + random delay in minutes.  So if you turn on at 7:30 and your random start is say 17.  The task will run at 7:47.

                  2. You have a thousand computers turn on between 7:55 and 8:05. Instead of 1000 computers running the local scheduler tasks in that 10 minute window, (which is what would happen without random start) those thousand will run between 7:56 and 9:05 which is a quite bigger window and server can handle 1000 machines hitting it in over an hour much better than in a 10 minute window.
                  3. If a user comes in at 9:59 the local scheduler task would still be in between 7 and 10, however because of Random start creating a new single run local scheduler task, you could potentially have a machine run their task as late as 10:59 (this is the one thing I am not 100% sure on so test it)
                  4. If a user sleeps in and gets to work and turns on his computer at 10:01 am.  His local scheduler tasks will not run that day because the computer wasn't on during the 7 to 10 am window.
                  5. If a user has an evening schedule where they work from 11:00 or later to 8:00 pm or so, then that machine could potentially never scan in.


                  Every setting matters.


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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                    As  Rhyous pointed out, if you use the "between 7 - 10" you stand a chance of a system never scanning in.  I wish there was an override if last scan greater than x days.


                    I would NOT use the "between" unless you really need to for some reason, and if you do need to and it is only for selected machines, I would consider creating a separate agent for those.

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                      So would the attached picture be the way to have things set up if I wanted the scans to start a 7am and have a 4hr random window ... So between 7:01am and 10:59pm?

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                        Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                        If you had a policy on the Core Server to check for devices that haven't scanned in and to run a scan, that would be good. Except what if you set the policy check to the same settings in local scheduler, then policies wouldn't check in either.


                        I guess we could write batch file or vbscript or even an exe file that could be called in any of a dozen places that checks the last scan date and if the box hasn't scanned in within X number of days (which could be passed as a parameter)  it runs a Full Sync scan.  Otherwise, it does nothing.

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                          mrspike SSMMVPGroup



                          From my experience the "Start" time as shown on your image tends to float.  Not sure why, might be because a system is turned off, comes on at 5:30 PM and then runs the scan and reschedules itself to run again in 24 hours (1 day).


                          Do you really need it to run in that time frame?


                          We leave ours as your image show, except we have a 1 hour randomizer and this works really well.

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                            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                            How I would do it to get what you want.


                            2 Inventory scan local scheduler tasks


                            Task 1 - Inventory scan 1

                            Frequency = 14400

                            TimeOfDay = 7am to 10am

                            Random start = 120


                            If you continue with your 7 am to 10 am and don't go with my recommended 9am to 7am then you should do a second task.

                            Task 2 - Inventory scan 2

                            Frequency 604800 (once a week)


                            The second task is to make sure that you always get a scan at least once a week because as mentioned, a scan could be missed.


                            My recommended settings


                            Task 1 - Inventory scan 1

                            Frequency = 129600 (every 1.5 days)

                            TimeOfDay = 9am to 7am

                            Random start = 120


                            However, if you use my recommendations I think you will be happier.


                            I am not sure why you want to run between 7 and 10 though.  Usually I recommend the opposite, to run anytime ouside of 7am to 9 am.


                            See most your logins and your biggest network traffic times are between 7 and 9, so you have a frequency that is 9am to 7am (so 7 am to 9 am is excluded and you can run any other time).


                            Any, something to think about.

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                              I am just trying to make sure I don't have policy, security and inventory scans all running at the same time I was planning on doing each one of them daily and not trying to bog down all myu users with the scans.


                              See most of my users (98%) come in through the Gateway, so at any one point, I have 700 users who could be sending security, policy and inventory data back to me through the Gateway. I was just trying to minimize the bottleneck of that happening.


                              So this is what you are saying?



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                                mrspike SSMMVPGroup



                                You could do that, but you will still have an issue if a system is rarely turned on between those hours....



                                I have 6 Cores I manage, one of them has over 5,000 clients, we leave the setting at the default (once per day, 1 hour random) and we do not have any bottleneck issues on the core or the gateway.  You can adjust the gateway to allow more concurrent sessions as needed.


                                We have around 12,000 clients in all, most are onsite, but a good number are off.


                                I truly think you are worring about this too much.

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                                  Here is my problem,


                                  We installed LANDesk about 2 years ago now I beleive and Management has never been happy with its performance. Users complained that is constantly bogged down their systems (some of this has been fixed with recent vulscan and softmon updates) and most recently we have had major issues with a Gateway IP change.


                                  Now wrap all that up and management isn't happy and as de-facto LANDesk guy I am trying to make sure LANDesk impacts the users in the smallest way possible and that all the data we are gathering is up to date as possible. I know I won't get 100% on either one of those, but the better I can do, the better the future of LANDesk at my company.


                                  So after having a wellness visit with our Sales guy and a Technical Engineer from LANDesk I am trying to work on a re-engineered agent that will get me as close to that 100% as possible. I didn't honestly exactly under the filter system and randomness in place with the scanners so thats why I asked the question.


                                  My goal with the second picture was to make sure the filter was set to 9am to 7am (leaving only that time between 7:01am and 8:59am as time when the scanner WOULDN'T run) or atleast that was my goal with just a couple hours of randomness.



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                                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                                    Out of curiosity, in the default scan and repair settings for your agent, what do you have checked under "scan"?


                                    This is where I see the most issues with resources.


                                    I recommend that these items be set:



                                    LANDesk Updates

                                    Custom Definitions




                                    If you use LD for Antivirus I would consider checking Antivirus Updates




                                    For all others, I would create a new scan and repair setting, call it "Weekly Scan All" or something, select the items you want, then go to "create a task" and create a "policy" task that will repeat once a week and use the weekly scan.


                                    The LANDesk and Custom scans take mere seconds, the vulnerability scans scan take a minute or so, others line blocked applications and spyware scans can take several minutes and can really drag a system down.

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