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    Imposible to add Performance Counters

    VaLr Apprentice

      Hi everyone,


      We have a problem adding performance counters in LDSM.


      When we try to add any counter to any device, after set the thresholds and click "Apply"  the page loads but nothing happens and if i see into the "Active Performance Counters" tab there isn´t anything.


      Note: The "System Monitoring" function has been enabled in the Agent Configuration.


      Version LDMS, LDSM 8.8 SP2a


      Does anyone know what is the problem??

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          I think you'll find its a problem with Flash Player, more specifically, LDSM not liking Flash Player 10.  Try installing V9 instead...

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            VaLr Apprentice

            i´ve already uninstalled flash player 10 and installed flash player 9, but the result its the same...

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              masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

              Hi Valr,


              did you get your problem solved? I have the same with SP3 and can't save the perf counters in server manager. I have checked nearly all logfiles but can't find a solution.

              Would be nice, if you can give me a hint.


              Thanks and best regards


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                Truffles SupportEmployee

                From my experience this problem is generally caused by a communication break down between the core and it's clients. I believe once you client the Apply button a request should be made to IIS. I can't remember the exact ASMX application it hits but you should see a message in the IIS logs. I believe this web service then sends the request to residentagent.exe on the client which calls servicehost.exe. Both of the logs for these executables are in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files. In the end two thins are created.


                1- A history folder to keep track of the counter history.

                2- A file named after the counter (example: cpu_%processortime_total) which gets updated constantly.


                Once these files are created then the Counter Page should reflect the counter itself near the top. If Flash 9 is installed then a history graph should show at the bottom.

                Note: LANDesk 9 will not have the graph even if Flash 9 is installed. This portion of the product needs to be redesigned so that it will work for higher versions of flash and should re-enter the product in a later service pack/release.


                In summation...a proxy, DNS resolution, or some other communication issue is usually to blame when the counter doesn't show up at all after it's applied. Issues with IIS can also be a cause.