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    Run bat file at user login


      I have a batch file that I want to have LANDesk schedule to run the moment a specific user logins or computer connects to our network.  What is the best method for accomplishing this?  I tried using the New Local Scheduler Configuration Script under Manage Scripts and while the script does say it completed successfully I can tell the batch file has not run (it does successfully run if I manually launch it - performs backup of files).


      I also tried creating a distribution package out of the batch file and then doing a policy-supported push, but that fails with "unable to open file"

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Test the batch file as Local System not as a user.  Local Scheduler runs as local system, but double-clicking the batch file runs as a user, and those are not even close to the same.


          You may post the batch file too if it doesn't have anything you consider a security risk for your company.