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    Filtering the users on the Report prompt.




      I am creating a simple report where it shows how many incidents are created under each category for the entered raised user.


      For the parameter section - I created one static where you type the complete name of user and the report will show the data.


      Till here the report is fine and it is in the format we want.




      I changed the parameter type to Dynamic and pointed to tps_user.tps_title, so the user name can be picked from the drop down list.


      when I refresh the report and prompt for new value.... it shows just few hundreds of users where we have more than 4500+

      - I can't see all the users.


      Is there any limitation of drop down list load?


      My Additional Need:


      Is this possible to bring the user name as you type in? (like it does in the incident creating time when we type in the raised user box)




      Here the users are support group based, say at the prompt window of the crystal reports, the first Drop down will be the Support Group, I will select one, then

      the second drop down will populate the user of that respective support group... then the user is selected... and then the report opens (above one) for/as the selected raised user.




      you know... Raised Users are like customers (they all do not need to have the TP login a/c)... so rather than showing all the users from TP in the above problem section I have mentioned.. is there a way to populate  just analysts in the drop down list?

      (I am not sure, is this correct- in the record selecte expert, i added the filter where user licence type = <selected the GUID of 'Analyst'>, I guess this will effect the output of the report not the in-param drop down list)



      Please let me know.


      /r ww /n RMudugal

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          Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

          Hi Raghavendra,


          These are all questions about the functionality within Crystal Reports itself.  You might find you'd get better answers from a Crystal forum.  I'll have a go though:


          Dynamic lists - I've seen this too, I think it's a limitation of the functionality.

          Filtering the parameters based on other parameters - I've never seen anyway of achieving this in Crystal, I don't think it would be possible.