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    Creating dynamic devices group




      I am trying to create dynamic devices group and the docs/help says to "Add Group", type the name and select Static or Dynamic.


      When I right click Public Devices, I only have an option "New Group" which allows me to type a name in the tree but there is no option for Static or Dynamic.


      I've tried this in version 8.7 and 8.8


      Am I missing something?



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          As far as I know dynamic list can only be created from the "Queries" section of the console. But you are right and the user manual is quite vage on describing how to create dynamic groups and in ocasions can also be misleading.

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            Strangly only the Web Console has the Dynamic group feature.


            The Remote Console does not have this feature. I am not sure why.


            At first it looks like there is no need for a Dynamic Group in the Console because that is really what a Query is.  But there are a few places that use Groups but not Queries for their features, though they are obscure.


            It is debatable whether the solution is to create the Dynamic Group feature or to modify the features that can use Groups to always be able to use both groups and queries.

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              Thanks for your replies