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    New PC's not showing up?




      I use LANDesk for imaging, it is supposed to install the agent after sysprep. It is installed but not showing up on the core server.


      I am not sure how to begin troubleshooting this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, when we uninstall the agent and then reinstall the agent, it works perfectly and shows up. It also does not install the launchpad. Am I doing something wrong? Did some kind of configuration get changed that I dont know about?




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          What line did you have add in Guirunonce section in sysprep?

          To do this, you can also create a provisioning template whitch automated the installation of the agent.





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            Sounds like the agent is being installed and everything works, except it doesn't send inventory. Or does it? Is the problem that the new PCs don't show up - ever? Or only that they don't show up immediately after the OSD task, but eventually (within 24 hours or so) they do? Is reinstalling the agent the only way to make them show up? How about a manual scan (go to ldclient folder and type ldiscn32 /L /v) - does that work?


            Here are 3 things that may stop inventory being sent at agent installation time:


            First, note that an inventory is not necessarily sent at agent installation time. By default, one is sent but just possibly, you may have disabled the relevant option in the agent configuration.


            Second, maybe the agent did send a scan but the core server rejected it for some reason. Have a look at the ldscan\errorscan folder on your core server. That's were the core server deposits scans that it doesn't like. Also, if the client did run an inventory scan, you should see a file called invdelta.dat in the ldclient\data folder.


            Third, maybe the agent tried to send a scan but something went wrong. Look in the client's event log (application log, source = inventory scanner)

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              Thank you guys! I figured this out by creating a new agent, and then everything magically worked.